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    Try to Take It

    Try to Take It

    Starring: Amanda Ferraz, 30
    Categories: She-male
    Length: 38 min
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Format: mp4
    Size: 950mb

    Amanda is a big, buxom, blond, tattooed Amazonian transsexual slut who entices two pool men to join her naked in the bedroom to have their way with her. The black stud caresses and licks her ass to ignite her passions as she gluttonously devours his white buddy’s cock with ravenous, sluttish hunger. Spinning around, she hungrily sucks his inky black horse cock with ravenous glee while the other sucks her pink cigar, sending her into a moaning, groaning, dick-drunk stupor. Planting her ass onto the white guy’s fuck-pole in reverse cowgirl while her black stud crams his jet black donkey dick into her ass for a double anal penetration sends her eyes rolling into the back of her head, moaning and wailing in a sexual delirium. After she voraciously sucks her ass juice from their pricks, they resume their double anal assault in cowgirl as she moans in whorish rapture. Then she greedily sucks that black monster cock while energetically riding the other before switching orifices to passionately slam her asshole onto the ebony prick in reverse cowgirl while sucking the other in a moaning, sex-crazed feeding frenzy. Once in missionary, her swarthy stud vehemently pile drives his colossal cock into her as she moans and howls with fiery feral fervor. She then sucks his cock clean while the other guy fucks her ass as she jerks off, squirting cum onto her belly while her black stud covers her face in goo and the white guy deposits a hefty creampie in her ass that slowly oozes out in great white gobs.


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