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    A Machine-Reamed Ass

    A Machine-Reamed Ass

    Starring: Gabrielly Ferraz, 21
    Categories: She-male
    Length: 22 min
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Format: mp4
    Size: 1170mb

    Gabrielly is a stunning, tall, statuesque, tattooed, transsexual stunner, with runway model looks, a beautiful mane of silky, long, brown hair, a sublime ass, and a stiff, stout shaft. If she was modeling on a runway in Paris, you would never know she had a wonderful whang between her legs. After a coquettish removing her sexy bra & thong, while caressing her fabulous, female form, she gleefully stands before us, stroking her beefy, tongue depressor. She revels in stroking her pleasure pole in doggie and lying on her back, while groaning euphorically. Then, she has our mechanical marvel, the Fuck 6000, fuck her pretty mouth with its gargantuan, piston-driven, silicon prick. Next, she has the 6000 drive its indefatigable, faux cock into her fine, firm, round ass in doggie, as her eyes roll back in her head, while she moans and howls, with unchained, animalistic passions. Watching the 6000 relentlessly drill its titanic tool into the gorgeous ass of this towering trans goddess standing before us is a breath taking sight to behold. Lastly, she lies down with her legs spread wide, firmly stroking her delectable dick, while the 6000 relentlessly plumbs the depths of her Hershey highway, while she moans ecstatically. Her frantic jacking off finally unleashes a monumental, screaming, all-consuming orgasm, spewing a fountain of gooey goodness all over herself.


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