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    Diamond in the rough sparkles in her debut

    Diamond in the rough sparkles in her debut

    Starring: Abby Cox
    Categories: Trannys
    Length: 27 min
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Format: mp4
    Size: 1510mb

    When I first met Abby Cox, I thought she was kinda cute but nothing spectacular...the one thing she was however, was SUPER eager to get into porn. Even though she had never flown before, she traveled across the country to meet me and let me doll her up and fuck her for two days. When she got out of makeup, I arrived in the hotel room, and I was ABSOLUTELY blown away! Her body was incredible, her tits were perky and perfect, her hair was soft and wavy, her makeup was flawless, she sucked an amazing cock, and good lord did she love anal sex. Seriously folks - I haven't been this impressed with a new trans model with Kitty Valentino 5 years ago.


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