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    Pietra's Mechanical Lover

    Pietra's Mechanical Lover

    Pietra’s a lovely, tattooed, crimson haired, transsexual temptress, with tasty, tiny, natural tits, and a big, fat dick. Being a flagrant exhibitionist, she revels in twerking her hard, round ass with a butt plug for decoration, and stroking her meaty, big, and bouncy wonder whang to make our jaws hit the floor. Once her motor is revved, she has the Fuck 6000, our custom, piston-driven fucking machine, fuck her pretty mouth and tickle her tonsils, while she groans ecstatically. Hungry for more, she has the 6000 diligently fuck her puckered asshole in standing doggie, as she frantically jacks off moaning and yelping with raw, primordial passions. Sitting down with her legs spread wide in the air, she frenetically jerks off her stiff, stout shaft, as the 6000 resolutely drills its humongous, faux cock into her ass, as she moans and sighs in whorish raptures, ushering in a colossal, all consuming, screaming, orgasm spilling her sweet nectar onto her thigh in all its gooey goodness.

    Starring: Pietra Candy

    Duration: 24:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 981.01 MB


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