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    Two Timing Trannies

    Two Timing Trannies

    Sexy, busty slut Deborah Mastronelly has brought a man back to her hotel room from the club. Tony Lee is looking forward to undressing this horny babe and fucking her brains out. Only Deborah's girlfriend, Stefany Santos, is waiting to see Deborah suck and fuck Tony's big cock! Stefany watches in awe as her lover Deborah cheats on her with another man! Tony's surprised to find himself surrounded by two gorgeous, big tit trannies who are kinkier than he even thought! Tony worships Deborah's massive tits for Stefany's viewing pleasure as she strokes her cock to the sounds of their sweet love making. Deborah gets her tight ass stuffed by Tony's thick dick as Stefany strokes her dick, enthralled by the fact that her girlfriend's cheating on her! Looks like Tony's in for a treat as these two timing trannies are eager to watch him fuck--especially Stefany, who can't wait to see Tony's hot cum plastered all over Deborah's huge tits!

    Starring: Tony Lee, Deborah Mastronelly, Stefany Santos
    Duration: 27:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1191.01 MB


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