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    Best Diet

    Best Diet

    Welcome to the world of Jennifer Mendez. She sleeps until noon, eats whatever she wants, doesn’t work out, and yet she looks so sexy. This morning she stumbles upon her roommate Serina Gomez going for a daily run.*
    “You’re already up?” says Jen, with a dumbfounded look on her face while eating a chocolate-glazed doughnut. Serina explains to her that it’s already noon and that she has managed to hit the gym in the meantime, and is going for a run.**
    “How do you eat that stuff and stay fit,” says Serina. There’s no secret, well, none except the diet pills Jen is chugging every day. Serina takes a look and sees that they’ve got some kind of hormone in them, and informs her roommate that it’s bad for her.*
    But Jennifer doesn’t care, even if she grows a third leg because the advantages are well worth the potential downsides. And after all, it seems as if Serena is jealous of her sexy figure and ability to look so hot without putting in all the hard work.*
    They each go their way, with Jennifer, of course, heading to the couch to relax some more. Suddenly it starts getting hot. She unbuttons her top off and reveals her set of big juicy tits. As more time passes by, she starts sweating, the droplets sliding down her melons as if she’s got a fever.*
    Her body starts to tingle, she gets a borderline orgasmic feeling, unsure of what is happening to her. It feels so good though, she moves her hips and thrusts them while sitting on the leather sofa. Something is moving in her pants, something big and meaty.*
    It’s the third leg alright. A big dick that is, the tip peeks out, pointing towards her belly. She riles her nails on the leather sofa due to the orgasmic feelings that course through her body. She feels something pulsing, and soon enough orgasms, while her tits and belly get covered in cum.*
    Jennifer falls asleep from exhaustion, she didn’t get this worked up for who knows how long. Her roommate gets home in the meantime, to witness Jennifer laid out on the sofa, tits out, with white liquid all over her.*
    Serina is curious, what could that be, she even goes as far as to take a lick. Just a tiny lick and she begins to feel a change inside her body. Serina got horny instantaneously. She gets closer to get more of that sweet liquid. Jennifer wakes up, and once she sees Serina, the arousal starts once again.*
    Her futanari dick gets hard once again, and Serina can’t help but pull her pants down and suck on that stiff tool. She licks it curiously, which soon enough turns into voluptuous gobbling. Our lovely Futa Jennifer Mendez is more than ready to serve another heavy load of cum.*
    She creams inside Serina’s mouth, who more than willingly swallows each and every last drop of jizz. But it’s far from over, Jennifer’s cock is still hard. Is that even normal? No worries though, Serina will take care of that boner.*
    She pulls her yoga pants down, revealing a soaking wet pussy. Serina mounts herself on top of Jennifer, gets her slit probed with that stiff dick, and starts riding it. She’s bouncing on top, the best ride of her life but she can’t be in control the whole time.*
    Jennifer takes matters into her hands and commands Serina to lie down, it’s her time to be on top now. Serina’s legs are spread wide while Jen thrusts into her beautiful, tight slit. It doesn’t take long before she’s ready to bust yet another load. Serina kneels before the futa cock, and eagerly swallows the entire load without hesitation.

    Starring: Jennifer MendezSerina Gomez
    Duration: 16:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 381.01 MB


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