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    Mysterious Vials

    Mysterious Vials

    Clemence Audiard and Zuzu Sweet had a fun night out, now they’re hiking home, weaving and stumbling along their step along the way but they still didn’t have all the fun they wanted. Zuzu, unfortunately, didn’t get dicked, so she wants to do something crazy at least.*
    They discover a window into an underground lab and break into it through a window. Clemence thinks they shouldn’t be there, but Zuzu reassures her that it’s ok, after all, they will just check if there’s some booze and continue with their night.*
    They find a fridge, full of vials. Zuzu thinks they’re some homemade stuff so she bottoms up one of the vials, and then another one. Unfortunately, it’s not really alcohol, it all tastes like water. Clemence turns on the lights and it’s when they discover that it’s a weird lab.*
    Zuzu’s stomach starts to cramp, she falls to the ground and starts to get sick while Clemence panics around the room. Zuzu’s face changes, she becomes aggressive, and horny, and pulls Clemence to the ground.*
    She’s panicking even more, afraid of what Zuzu has turned into, and trying to climb out of the window. Zuzu pulls her back down, makes her go on her knees, and shows her brand new cock, pointing it in Clemence’s face.*
    Before she knows it, Zuzu sticks that stiff dick inside Clemence’s mouth and starts facefucking her. Zuzu holds her head still while stuffing her friend’s throat with her firm dick and slamming it down until she’s filled up with cum.*

    Starring: Clemence Audiard, Zuzu Sweet
    Duration: 14:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 381.01 MB


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