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    The Futa Artefact

    The Futa Artefact

    Rika sees her teacher, famous archaeologist Jennifer Mendez to talk about her missed assignment.*As she enters, she notices a weird, dick-shaped object on Jennifer’s desk which is an ancient work of art according to her teacher. Jennifer gives an extra day to Rika for her assignment and she buries herself into work.
    She wakes up at night, feeling a call from the ancient object. She can’t hold herself back and starts rubbing it to her huge boobs and then riding the object. Exhausted from work and masturbating she finally falls asleep.
    The next day brings more surprises to Jennifer… The mysterious object had gone missing and she grew a huge dick at night! She doesn’t wait long until she starts exploring her new toy, and gives herself a futa blowjob. And when her student arrives, she offers a very special reward for her hard work.

    Starring: Jennifer Mendez, Rika Fane
    Duration: 18:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 281.01 MB


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