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    Dreams of Valentina

    Dreams of Valentina

    Some daydreams are wetter than other but Valentina Nappi’s are in a league of their own. She loves those daytime naps because that’s when she has these super realistic lucid dreams. To her, however, it’s almost as if she’s living another life.*
    In that dream, she often gets woken up with a creampie all over her face. Her identical futanari clone is the one to “blame”. It gets into the room and starts jerking off to Valentina’s plump lips and pretty face.*
    The stroking continues until she ramps up a load of cum that goes, yes, you’ve guessed it, straight on Valentina’s face, dripping down her chin. The sight of such a marvelous cock, coupled with the perfect girl, a copy of Valentina, makes her kneel.

    Starring: Valentina Nappi
    Duration: 10:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1681.01 MB


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