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    Before sleeping

    Before sleeping

    There’s no better feeling in the world than slipping into sexy lingerie and testing it out in front of the mirror. Jenny Doll’s stunning body perfectly compliments her new silky, purple dress, and the moment she feels that material caressing her body, it’s game on.*
    Jenny’s futa cock gets rock hard, she rubs it over her new lingerie. The mixture of silk and her skillful hands moving up and down the cock gets Jenny’s breathing deeper and faster. She slides the dress off her big, round tits and keeps squeezing them until her cock is hard.*
    She moves the dress away and uncovers her dick, as beautiful as she is. There is already pre-cum leaking from it. Her nipples are rock hard, so she wraps her hand around the dick and starts masturbating.*
    Of course, Jenny doesn’t want to ruin her new lingerie, she’s going to save it for someone special, so she takes the top off. Her stroking gets quicker and her breaths louder, she’s expecting to cum any time now.*
    The bottom part of her lingerie is gone as well. Now it’s just her, charmingly spread on the bed, with a dick in her hand, stroking faster and faster. Our lovely futa girl starts spasming, she’s sensing the orgasm is getting near, and she’s expecting a big load of cum.*

    Starring: Jenny Doll
    Duration: 9:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1311.01 MB


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