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    Jia’s Punishment

    Jia’s Punishment

    Jia Lissa has been a naughty girl, a video of her and some guy is in possession of no one other but Jia’s clone. After years of being the one in charge, she is now blackmailed to be the servant if she wants that evidence to disappear.*
    Either she cleans and cooks for the clone Jia, or everyone is going to see the video of her getting fucked by some rando. The clone even makes Jia go on all fours in front of her, as if she was a table with a plate of food on top of her.*
    The clone keeps teasing her, playing the video so Jia hears her moans while she was getting her pussy smashed. “Stop it please,” says Jia “stop the video”. But the clone goes further and starts even touching Jia, playing with her pussy.*
    “Was he doing that in the video?” says the clone while getting Jia soaking wet, “you’re such a slut”. Jia keeps telling the clone to stop but with far less assurance than before. “Now you sound just like in the video,” says the clone, as the moans of Jia get louder.*
    The clone asks Jia what was she doing in the video after the guy touched her like that, to which she responds by literally showing her. Jia kneels in front of her clone, all submissive, touching her penis. Penis? Well, this is a futa clone, and she’s got a massive boner in her panties.*
    Jia keeps rubbing it over the clothes before pulling the pants down and revealing a fat boner. She licks it from base to top, and then some more, before saying it tastes so good and showing off her blowjob skills.*
    It feels so good to the clone, especially once Jia goes balls deep on that futa cock and slobbers all over it. The clone’s big dick is dripping with saliva, and Jia is dedicated to going all the way and showing her how good she really is.*
    It’s the first time someone has ever touched the clone Jia’s cock. The pleasure that’s running through her body is something she feels for the first time, and yet she wouldn’t change it for the world. Even her titties are feeling weird.*

    Starring: Jia Lissa
    Duration: 11:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 581.01 MB


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