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    Coming back home, Cindy Shine starts feeling the blood rushing down to her crotch. She is not sure why that is happening but after feeling herself up she decides to go with the flow. A beautiful futanari couldn’t even sit down before she started touching herself. As she is standing in the hallway touching her big cock, her legs started shaking and she decides that it is time to sit down, relax, and give herself an amazing handjob.
    She is hot, breathing heavily and the excitement that she is feeling could be seen all around her. She pulls up her white dress, takes some lubricant, and starts stroking her throbbing dong. She loves how it feels in her hand and her skills are amazing. While stroking her cock she keeps grabbing her balls as she starts moaning louder with enjoyment. There is nothing like satisfying herself the way she wants.
    Her eyes are rolling, she is biting her lips along with moans that are getting louder. She is massaging her balls as she admires her rock-hard boner. She keeps going, changing the pace because she wants to last longer. Our futa doesn’t only want to jizz, she also wants to enjoy the trip to the orgasmic heaven.
    She got so hot that she had to take off her white dress. She leans forward, starts pinching her sensitive nipples, and keeps stroking herself with a tighter grip. She feels that she is getting closer and is getting into a position to jizz. Her small boobs are getting all the stimulation they want while her dick is enjoying nice and firm strokes. Just the way she wants it.
    Once again, her legs started shaking and she had to sit down. Her shaved balls are already full of jizz and the only thing that is stopping them from ejaculating is her self-control. Right next to her on the table is a fleshlight. She unpacks it and starts fucking it. This feeling is even better than a handjob and she keeps going with increased intensity. This hit the spot as she is about to jizz all over her living room.
    Her moans are louder than they have ever been, with fleshlight on her cock, going as fast as possible our futa Cindy finally ejaculates with all she had. Her balls are getting emptied as the jizz is falling on her small boobs and a beautiful face. She lays down completely drained and satisfied, covered in white goo.

    Starring: Cindy Shine
    Duration: 10:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 191.01 MB


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