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    Party Hard

    Party Hard

    Rika Fane had hoped that a quiet night alone would help her distance herself from her tumultuous past with Serina Gomez. However, her plans for a tranquil evening are disrupted when her old friend, Zuzu Sweet, arrives unannounced and inebriated.
    As the night progresses, Rika becomes increasingly anxious due to the full moon, knowing all too well that she struggles to maintain control during this lunar phase. Despite her best efforts to resist the overwhelming sensations, Rika is unable to do so. In an attempt to gather herself, she retreats to the bathroom, only to find that her futa cock has become erect.
    When she returns to the living area, her demeanor has completely transformed. She impulsively consumes Zuzu’s drink and begins to make advances towards her friend. Caught off guard by Rika’s sudden change in behavior, Zuzu is initially surprised, but she quickly warms to the idea of some playful fun.

    Starring: Rika FaneZuzu Sweet
    Duration: 12:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 241.01 MB


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