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    Alien Visitor

    Alien Visitor

    Veronica Leal is enjoying a quiet evening alone, attending to her own affairs, when the unexpected occurs. An asteroid hurtles towards Earth, colliding with the planet and causing tremors that rattle her apartment.
    The impact plunges her living space into darkness. As she investigates the situation, Veronica discovers an unusual, green substance on the floor. Once the lights flicker back to life, she is stunned to see a perfect replica of herself standing before her.
    The truth becomes clear: the asteroid was actually an extraterrestrial spacecraft, and the clone that now stands before her is an alien visitor from a distant world. The alien, however, is injured and requires energy to recuperate.
    Veronica learns that the energy source the alien needs is produced through intimate human contact. To Veronica’s astonishment, when the clone undresses, it reveals a futanari cock. In order to help the alien recover and potentially save the world from further disaster, Veronica must engage in a sexual encounter with the clone.

    Starring: Veronica Leal
    Duration: 10:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 2641.01 MB


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