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    Futa Workplace Surprise

    Futa Workplace Surprise

    Stacy Cruz had always found her boss, Veronica Leal, to be a strict and intimidating figure. So when she was called into Veronica’s office one day, she couldn’t help but feel nervous about the reason behind the summons. Much to her surprise, Veronica expressed her gratitude for Stacy’s hard work and dedication, putting her momentarily at ease.
    However, the conversation took an unexpected turn when Veronica revealed that she knew about Stacy’s mysterious sick leaves, which consistently occurred right before the full moon. To further Stacy’s shock, Veronica then exposed her own secret: she possessed both a sizeable futa cock and female genitalia.
    Unable to resist her boss’s commanding presence, Stacy complied with Veronica’s demands, providing her with a skillful and intense blowjob. As the situation unfolded, Stacy began to feel a strange sensation within her body, the anticipation of her own futa transformation taking hold. True to her instincts, Stacy soon developed her own impressive futa cock.

    Starring: Stacy Cruz, Veronica Leal
    Duration: 12:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 241.01 MB


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