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    Love Justice

    Love Justice

    Emiri Momota and her boyfriend, Kenji, had planned a romantic weekend getaway to escape their daily routine and enjoy some quality time together. Excited about their trip, they finally arrived at the quaint bed and breakfast they had booked. However, upon arrival, Emiri quickly became disappointed with their destination.
    Feeling let down, she stormed off to their room and locked herself in, leaving Kenji confused and worried. As she explored the room, trying to find something to distract herself from her disappointment, she stumbled upon a mysterious book hidden in the dusty corner of the room. The book appeared to be an old tome filled with spells and incantations.
    Curious and feeling mischievous, Emiri began to flip through the pages, intrigued by the strange and cryptic content. She soon came across a spell that caught her attention: “Justice for an unfaithful lover.” Feeling an inexplicable urge to cast the spell, she recited the words aloud.

    Starring: Emiri Momota
    Duration: 10:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 221.01 MB

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    Emiri Momota

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