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    The Futa Dilemma

    The Futa Dilemma

    Veronica Leal is in the middle of a conversation with her professor, Sofi Vega. Veronica is asking for help to get a surgeon to perform a brain surgery that will stop her dangerous condition known as ‘Futanari’. But Sofi wants to see some physical evidence before she commits.
    Veronica warns her that it’s dangerous, but Sofi pushes her limits so she snaps, turning into Futanari. Her pants have a visible bulge and she makes her professor unzip her huge futa cock. Sofi can’t resist and starts giving a slow, passionate blowjob to her student. She doesn’t stop until she fills her mouth with cum, but Veronica wants more. She starts fucking her from behind, giving her professor unexpected pleasure. Finally, she lays her on the sofa, rips off her clothes, and makes her ride her cock until she cums with a creampie inside her professor’s pussy.

    Starring: Sofi Vega, Veronica Leal
    Duration: 12:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 251.01 MB


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