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    Daisy's Flower Box

    Daisy's Flower Box

    Beautiful florist Daisy Taylor is waiting for her date to come pick her up, but sheโ€™s left feeling disappointed when heโ€™s a no-show. Luckily, her friend Kane Fox is there to console the stunning trans queen, and he takes the opportunity to make his move and kisses her! Turned on, Daisy gets on her knees to gobble up the dark-haired studโ€™s long cock in a sexy deepthroat blowjob, and then she sticks out her curvy ass to take a doggystyle pounding from behind. At that moment, Daisyโ€™s boyfriend arrives, so Kane makes a hasty exit! When Dante Colle sees his girlfriendโ€™s rock-hard shenis, he gets excited, and he hungrily devours it! After returning the favor, the gorgeous brunette spreads her legs and invites Dante to fuck her in missionary position against the shop counter before climbing on top to ride his thick shaft in cowgirl. When the tattooed hunk hears a noise, he goes to investigate, and discovers Kane hiding in the fridge! Deciding to make it a threesome, the hot guys take turns drilling Daisyโ€™s tight hole, and then they both cum over the busty babe's juicy tits!

    Starring: Daisy Taylor
    Duration: 32:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1021.01 MB


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