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    True Friendship

    True Friendship

    Molly Devon and Josephine Jackson are at home, enjoying each other’s company. Molly delights in her beauty and teases Josephine. She asks her to touch her boobs, but Josephine blushed in embarassement and asks her to stop. Molly continues teasing her, so her bulge gets bigger and when she can’t take it anymore and runs to the toilet.
    She takes out her hard futa cock and starts jerking off, in an attempt to stop being horny. Molly follows her and right when she steps in, Josephine shoots cum on her. She is surprised, but she really likes what she sees, so she starts sucking her friend’s cock. Josephine starts to enjoy it despite her shyness and after she cums, they engage in wild, passionate fucking. Josephine eats Molly’s pussy and then they fuck even harder until both of them reach orgasm.

    Starring: Josephine Jackson, Molly Devon
    Duration: 12:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 321.01 MB


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