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    Contagious Love

    Contagious Love

    Barbie Rous and Sandra Lyd are on vacation, but their plans get ruined when a mandatory quarantine is announced due to an unknown contagion. Nonetheless, they plan on having a great time partying.
    As Barbie goes to the toilet, Sandra disappears, only to reappear with a huge surprise – she has been infected with the virus and now has a futa cock! Right away, Sandra thrusts her dick inside and starts fucking her friend. As she is fucking Barbie, she pumps so much cum inside that it starts dripping from Barbie’s mouth. Now the infection has been transmitted to Barbie too and they engage in a crazy lesbian frenzy. They pleasure each other until Sandra finishes with a huge creampie inside her friend.

    Starring: Barbie Rous, Sandra Lyd
    Duration: 9:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 221.01 MB


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